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Our warehouse has been modernized during the past 10 years and covers 5.000 square meters.
Beneath here is a historic overview:

During the past 5-10 years Jensen Seeds A/S has continuously optimized and extended the production lines and the capacity of our maschines.

In 2003 we invested in a new full-automatic processing line only build for spinach, where all processes are in line from pre-cleaning, debearding, brushing, airscreen cleaning, indented cylinder, gravity separator, sizing/grading and colour sorting. All processes are controlled by computer.

In 2004 another processing line was installed. This one was an automatic PLC-controlled processing line for all products, which are sensitive towards mechanical damage. The bucket elevators on this line are the of type "horizontal-vertical-horizontal" conveying used for the gentle transport of seeds. The buckets are anti-static. This multi-purpose processing line can clean all our products - peas, scorzonera, hybrid cabbage, radish a.s.o..

In 2005 Jensen Seeds A/S finalized the optimizing of two processing lines in order to secure a more fluent and continuous flow.

In 2006 Jensen Seeds A/S completed the updating of the processing lines - for instance upgrading of the gravity tables.

In 2007 another optimization of one of the processing lines was finalized this time with an integrated color sorter and new air screen cleaner. In this way, processing and handling time is saved and the quality of the product is increased.

In 2008 a 750 square meter storage hall was build to ensure that the production space would meet the future demands.

In 2009 Jensen Seeds A/S started to perform own germination and purity analyses, which ares used primary as a guidance in the on-going cleaning process, but also as information for our customers. The analyses are performed according to the ISTA methods in our own laboratory.

Also in 2009 the company decided to expand the staff facilities, since the number of staff members in both production and administration had been increasing noticeably during the past 5 years. New bath facilities, lunch room and office were established such as a new entrance to the administration.

Video surveillance of the outdoor areas was also implemented in 2009. In order to prevent human errors, a wireless logistic control system with the use of RFid tags was also implemented in our production during 2009. This will technically prevent mixture failures when filling up a processing line.


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